Publication Dates: October 1986 – February 1988
Number of Issues Published: 14 (#1 – #14)
Color: Colour cover; Black and White interior
Dimensions: Standard Modern Age U. S.
Binding: Saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: Was Ongoing Series

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Avalon is an anthology series published by Britain’s Harrier Comics. It served as a tryout book for new artists, so quality varies, although some is quite good.

Leading off the first issue was “Diana is…The Power” by Ron Sharp and Staz Johnson. This is a rather dark story of a woman with multiple personality disorder. One half of Diana’s personality is a shy and conservative police officer. The other, more dominant side is “Janet,” a sexy seductress with little regard for the law. When Janet takes over control of the mind, she does everything she can to screw up Diana’s life. Other stories in the debut issue included “Mutant” love, a surrealistic story of doomed love by Dave Thorpe & Phil Elliott; “Grun,” a lighthearted look at terrorism; and “The Alchemist” by Howard Stangroom and Peter Martin. Most of the stories in this series are of an adult nature and should be read by mature audiences only.

v1 1,2


v1 4,5,6



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